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Our Location Magazin contactPUNKT introduces: Moving forward - on the way to a better alternative. Managing work-related travel in Bad Homburg.

Intelligent management of public and private transport, work-related or otherwise, is one of today’s burning issues. Everybody’s looking for alternatives, for smart, integrated and multi-modal transport systems.

The way to work may in the future actually include several modes of transport, such as of public transport, pedelec and/or rideshare opportunities. Such multi-modal solutions may well turn out to be more efficient and faster than simply `taking the car to work´. They make sense – economically and environmentally.

The project südhessen effizient mobil offers practice-oriented and individual support to all interested companies. Participation in the programme is free and simple. Read more in our FOCUS-section, beginning on page 4.

As always, our BUSINESS column is highly diverse: this is where we introduce projects and activities with economic relevance – with initiatives coming from the City of Bad Homburg as well as from local businesses.

Were you aware that the AOK Hesse with more than 1.5m insured members, 3,500 employees and a total budget of 5.1 billion is administrated from its office on Bad Homburg’s Basler Straße? More information and an interview with CEO Detlef Lamm in a PORTRAIT on pages 10 and 11.

And last but not least, LIFE offers a great variety of cultural, leisure and sports events, both for you and your family, but also for your employees and clients. The calendar of events extends all the way into 2017.

contactPUNKT, the newsletter published by the Wirtschaftsförderung, the association for the promotion of the economy, has found a very appreciative audience. If you care to receive the newsletter, please register at www.bad-homburg.eu/wirtschaft.

As always, we wish you a pleasant time reading and discovering.

Best regards from our town-hall office

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